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More and more renowned scientists worldwide publish their researches on the favorable impact of CBD on the human body. Not only does this natural compound deal with physical symptoms, but also it helps with emotional disorders. Distinctly positive results with no side effects make CBD products nothing but a phenomenal success.

This organic product helps cope with:

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CBD Capsules

These capsules increase the energy level as you fight stress and sleep disorder. Only 1-2 capsules every day with your supplements will help you address fatigue and anxiety and improve your overall state of health.

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CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture

No more muscle tension, joints inflammation and backache with this easy-to-use dropper. Combined with coconut oil, CBD Tincture purifies the body and relieves pain. And the bottle is of such a convenient size that you can always take it with you.

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Pure CBD Freeze

Pure CBD Freeze

Even the most excruciating pain can be dealt with the help of this effective natural CBD-freeze. Once applied on the skin, this product will localize the pain without ever getting into the bloodstream.

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Pure CBD Lotion

Pure CBD Lotion

This lotion offers you multiple advantages. First, it moisturizes the skin to make elastic. And second, it takes care of the inflammation and pain. Coconut oil and Shia butter is extremely beneficial for the health and beauty of your skin.

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Oil Cats With Will Amaze Truth You Cancer – Using For CBD



  • Oil Cats With Will Amaze Truth You Cancer – Using For CBD
  • CBD for Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Cats
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  • CBD is a plant based superfood nurient that comes from the hemp plant. Using CBD oil for cats with cancer works alone or alongside other. Here are the facts you should know about using CBD for squamous cell carcinoma in cats. Squamous cell carcinoma in cats is a form of cancer that originates in the . There is CBD oil drops, which you can give to cat by placing a few drops Using CBD Oil For Cats With Cancer – Truth Will Amaze You. Among these alternative treatments is cannabis oil. This isn't much of a surprise, considering that more people are turning to cannabis as a natural treatment for.

    Oil Cats With Will Amaze Truth You Cancer – Using For CBD

    Those cases are also a mere fraction of the reported anticancer successes, and they come from doctors, dispensaries, corporations, caregivers, from all over the world across a significant period of time. To think this is all coincidence and nothing is going on here, especially in the face of a placebo-controlled trial published three months ago and more emerging case reports in the literature, is absurd.

    The trial was sponsored by GW Pharma who used their drug sativex a standardized whole plant oral mucosal spray. All this randomized study confirms is the treatment is generally well tolerated and the feasibility of individualized dosing when used as an adjunct to dose-intense temozolomide. What GW should be doing is conducting a much larger Phase IIb trial using biomarkers to predict which patients will likely respond to the treatment and then going from there.

    The bottom line is this trial strongly confirms what is being seen in the real world. Six months life extension is a big deal. While the trial was small, the chances their significantly extended survival was due to pure chance is absurd in the face of the massive scientific, anecdotal, and logical evidence.

    You know, the chemical that when isolated and given to epileptic children, they stop having seizures that they would have previously had hundreds of times per week? THC is one of just many cannabinoids, terpenes, and other molecules, which work together to provide different medical effects. Research on cannabis has a LONG way to go before you can make the broad, sweeping claims you do here. Their main criticism was the lack of control groups and placebos, even though many of the studies they cite show incredible results, for example Tzadok et al.

    However, if you compare marijuana to the drugs that are commonly used to treat these conditions, the difference is staggering. The Epidiolex clinicals are quite interesting. They did show a clinically-significant improvement when compared to placebo, but they also showed a significant number of treatment-related serious adverse events. These serious adverse events increased with the concentration of CBD in the drug.

    While side-effects are to be expected with any drug, particularly one intended to treat a serious debilitating disease, these results do pour a bucket of cold water on the claims that CBD drugs have no harmful side-effects another myth promoted by the cannabis cult. Why present the argument at all. The powers that be want pot in mass use, and, the marijuana growers have a lot of backing.

    Personally I have used marijuana with success to decrease the amount of grand mal epileptic seizures happening to me. I did that about one year before I started on pharmaceuticals. I had no seizures after I started to smoke marijuana, though i was smoking hashish before that without the seizures going away.

    Marijuana does also help me with my anxiety, depression and sleep disorder. It seems like not every strain helps equally much, hashish does work in some degree, but I wish I still had access to fine and cheap marijuana. Another thing that happened after I started smoking cannabis was strangely enough that I got cured from my asthma. A couple of weeks after I as a youth started to use cannabis in the weekends, my lung capacity drastically improved, and I no longer needed to use an inhalator.

    My chronic broncitus, which I got diagnosed with as a child, did not improve, however, I do not believe it got any worse either.

    Also, I have supplied a senior citizen, a female, with marijuana because she had heard it could relieve her Chroms disease. And that it did. She actually managed to get outside for the first time in years because she could stop using several of the pharmaceuticals she had been taking.

    I also gave marijuana to a cancer pation, and he finally got to eat and live without feeling nauseous all the time. I also gave cannabis to my alcoholic father with great success. Cannabis did not cure any of these diseases, but it helped relieve them and made our lives better. Try the Mammoth strain. We are in this together. Speaking of pharmacy drugs. I stopped taking them 4 years ago because they did absolutely nothing to stop my Grand Mals. In fact, they led to me having more seizures.

    I had 2 Grand Mals back to back and it royally fucked me up for about 6 months. Memory loss and speech loss for about the same amount of time. People suffering from a variety of conditions report that cannabis provides them with relief that no other drug provides.

    As for recreational, what business is of yours what other adults choose to use? If so watch were you shove it or it might get cut off. Dr Grimes, if this really is your conclusion then you should be struck off for professional incompetence. Your assertions are absurd and fly in the face of the massive amount of high quality evidence which you seem determined to ignore. Some reading for you. Being an idiot is hurting your life — try to adjust. You really do believe deep down that you have a panacea here for everything… which is what you would expect of a drug of this nature when it enmeshes with the human mind.

    The second link is a review of over 22, published and peer-reviewed studies by an internationally renowned neurologist. Nice Peter Reynolds with the save!! Thank you for your work. The cat is out of the bag and there is no putting him back in. Try telling this to the thousands of people who have now been helped by cannabis.

    Listen to what this retired judge, who has put hundreds away for marijuana has to say now that he has found the help of cannabis in reversing his COPD. It seems that when writing on the subject of medicine he should have made this clear. Instead he sought to endow his opinions with fake expertise.

    It is true that there are many ridiculous snake oil claims made about cannabis curing cancer, although it would be foolish to write off all the anecdotal reports. They demonstrate an urgent need to advance research into the proven pre-clinical anti-cancer properties of cannabinoids.

    Most of these claims are made by people who are very sick, desperate or are relatives of people suffering from cancer. Furthermore, the evidence is conclusive that cannabis offers great benefits as a palliative medicine for cancer and many other conditions.

    This is a summary of the evidence on cannabis and cancer which is balanced and warns of the snake oil claims but substantiates the proven benefits:. Your link is to a rather biased site. Want to appear credible, cite something impartial and with facts. First your earlier attack on me after I calmly laid out my own case of being cured of cancer by using cannabis and now this rather weak-kneed attack on another intelligent commenter for his reasoned rebuttal to Dr.

    My advice to you? Get back to the adults in the room when you have something constructive to add to the conversation. Ah and now your defending the racist homophobe because he shares your deluded views.

    Now your just looking like a stalker. Well, apply your stalking skills to googling Peter Reynolds and check out his various court cases. Obviously other sciences have a part to play in all sorts of medical research but Dr Grimes clearly knew that his title of doctor would endow his opinions with purported medical expertise. This is unethical and he should have made his qualifications clear and not allow readers to be misled.

    Any doctor or scientist know that cancer is not one disease but has a myriad of different manifestations, and any one treatment that is claimed to be a cure all has to be suspicious. Also it takes years of in depth study to gain a PhD. Equally the author is simply stating that the evidence around cannabis curing cancer, as far as the evidence hierarchy goes, is not at the very top and that further research is needed before the gushing claims.

    Furthermore, what exactly is unethical about the title Dr when used for a Dr of physics? You and Dr Grimes need to educate yourselves about the endocannabinoid system before you wade in clumsily demonstrating your ignorance. How we work out the difference between reproducible results of trials and those that may show promise and need further trials before they can have a place in medicine? Anecdotal evidence very low in the evidence hierarchy I agree , two words: Just to help you review your evidence: Oh and maybe educate yourself on this: Thus the MD was born.

    Many PhDs are working extremely to hard to cure disease. Which has what relevance to the fact that in describing himself as a doctor and writing about medicine it is inevitable that readers will infer he is a medical doctor? Oh and Peter, any chance you could present a coherent rebuttal and classify your evidence according to the evidence hierarchy rather than your childish ad hominem attacks.

    Not like you to be nasty and mean is it, or to rampant sexism or stoop to homophobic and other attacks is it? Oh hang on, look what I found: I think any observer has only to look back at your comments to see very clearly who is behaving in childish fashion. A way to blame others for your own negative thoughts by repressing them and then attributing them to someone else.

    Due to the sorrowful nature of delusion and denial it is very difficult for the target to be able to clarify the reality of the situation. Jeanette, one of the most delightful if not THE most delightful aspects of this whole page has been listening to the sound of you intellectually and vigorously wiping the floor with dear old addicted Peter. Bravo, and thank you. There are a lot of scientific studies for the medical benefits of cannabis, including for treating cancer and psychosis.

    The article does not mention cannabis scientific studies at all and simply dismisses everything with facile generalisations. I think you are taking the article too personally for there surely is a cult of people saying that cannabis is a panacea for all ills. Au revoir and good evening. Yes, I say again, I understand the hierarchy of evidence. Oh and a good article from the BMJ: Oh dear, you have a serious problem with an uncontrolled patronising attitude.

    Maybe try reining that in a bit? It might enhance your ability to communicate. Yes, I fully understand each of your five issues but what is your point? Bob Marley was murdered. I have to suspect your motivations. Because anecdotal evidence can be biased. Also if I wanted life saving treatment I would opt for tried and tested treatment. Do you know what they call alternative medicine that works? He IS a doctor, nobody gives a crap about your ethical point of view.

    Get a job, sort out some proper medication, and start things moving again. You might even become mildly interesting, given enough time. I would like to try mmj for the chronic pain I suffer from. The problem is with the state I reside in. It has taken it almost four 4 years to get its program up and running. So I still must use the effective, yet very addictive, opioids. America, once again, has elected the worst candidate for cannabis. Reagan was Nixon on steroids.

    Now we get get President Forty-five. This Doctor of physics is also crap at his own sphere of so called expertise. Plutonium is not a naturally occurring substance. Cyanide is found in most fruits some nuts like Almonds, but nowhere in nature does it occurs in sufficient quantities to be toxic! Not strictly the point he was making, which was that natural does not mean benign. But, there have been cases of cider drinking alcoholics who have suffered from cyanide toxicity from apple pips.

    Admittedly very very rare, but not totally impossible. TBH, the volumes they were drinking meant that the cyanide was probably the last of their worries…. Please show where plutonium is naturally occurring with a half life long enough to be consumed. Uranium is natural but is enriched to make plutonium. And abuse shows your ignorance! You might want to check the periodic table.

    Trace amounts of plutonium occur naturally in uranium. This article spouts a lot of nonsense. It is obvious to anyone who has met a person, child or adult, who successfully utilizes marijuana medically that the drug has medicinal value, if only as a painkiller. Meanwhile, we prescribe much more toxic and dangerous substances every day.

    Stop with the scaremongering and let people use medicine that is clearly working for them. Legalization and regulation can only make things better by ensuring people can find out the right strains of marijuana for them and have consistent access to them.

    I did, hence the comment. Cannabis is proven to be medically effective in some circumstances. The author uses THC, which is one of many compounds within cannabis. Without legalization, those who believe cannabis to be the best remedy for their conditions are forced into an illegal black market where quality is unknown. Legalization and regulation allows for patients to find marijuana that created for their specific problems.

    Here is the original book this article claims to be citing. I stopped reading when he claimed it has no benefits for Eipelpsy i couldnt take it seriously after that. I agree with the author. Its scheduled and very little research is done. Placebo is a very powerful thing. Not saying that to be cliche. What we need, is for controlled groups and test that showed yes there was a decrease in inflammation markers.

    Anxiety has been proven to be reduced from users thinking they are getting a anxiety med but was just a sugar pill. Although, you basically denied any type of evidence that it has happened.

    Speaking from personal experience I could not see how that could be the case considering epilepsy is not something your brain function has any control over as it is a misfire of the electrical currents that basically make the brain work. Personally I have found cannabis to be very beneficial in the treatment of my epilepsy where no other medication had previously worked. Everybody is different but from my experience as somebody who had very poorly controlled epilepsy it worked for me.

    Cannabis uses cannabinoids to help protect against the sun.. I doubt very much if Dr David Grimes has inquired into the history of why Marijuana is illegal. Like most people he simply believes that it is a dangerous drug and that has always been the case.

    His motivation was, quite simply, racism. The corruption of wholesome American youth and all that. He and his cohorts cooked up the idea that it would be named a dangerous drug and be made illegal. It was entirely a fiction but with all the resources of the FBI at his disposal he managed to pull it off and, as a result absurdly, Marijuana was put in the same category as Heroin and other really lethal drugs.

    People can watch the movie on You Tube, if they wish. It becomes obvious within 5 minutes that it is an absurd parody of reality to the point that it is laughable to any rational person. It is against this background, the deliberate lie taken as fact, that all anti-marijuana propaganda should be seen.

    If you take nonsense as fact as an initial premise then it is going to color all that you do. In the meantime I concur with all those who have already written that the use of Marijuana has all sorts of health benefits but, since I would be simply repeating what others have already said on here I will forgo that.

    Get your facts straight. If you read the history you will find that the USA at his behest started pressuring foreign governments to make it illegal under threat of sanctions as soon as the USA made it illegal. The US used threats of sanctions etc against other countries if they did not comply. But really, if you want to continue your irrational prejudice against Marijuana, feel free. But I prefer knowledge to fiction so, perhaps, of your own bat you might bother to research rather than criticise because it is perfectly obvious that you are approaching the subject from that unique perspective of ignorance that those who want to defend the indefensible so often do.

    Like others who have written here I know that Marijuana provides benefits in truly dire circumstances when all else fails. Perhaps you should research that instead of nitpicking. A patient suffering from throat cancer. Another, a suffer of severe arthritis. Again it was Marijuana that provided relief.

    Another victim of grand mal seizures who was able to cut down on the seizures by the use of Marijuana. All people I have known, anecdotal with regards to science, but so what, the fact is Marijuana worked and frankly I find the sort of arguments that people like you put forward pretty feeble and almost always from people who have little or no experience of Marijuana and its uses.

    One has to ask what is it that people like you are so afraid of? In short I find the mentality of people like you hard to fathom, it seems to be distinctly lacking in compassion or concern for the suffering of others or its alleviation. But whether they did or did not threaten sanctions is beside the point As you have said, movement towards prohibition had started while Hoover was still a child.

    The evidence supports limited benefits for a number of ailments. Your ability to accept anecdotal evidence over real evidence is your business.

    It has no bearing on whether cannabis actually works for those people, even though they might think it does. It has nothing to do with compassion either. Do you think that all drugs should be legal, because some of them may help people who are ill? You need to look at my profile on Disqus. If recreational activities were not medicinal we would not spread seratonine when we laugh. To avoid doctors like you, thirsty for wallets full, i sit surrounded by trees my real doctors , and vaporize it.

    The trees are there giving me what i need to survive, while i am vaporizing it. This should be a great lesson for you because trees are not trying to make me stop doing it, and yet they are sharing the sacred silence with me.

    This new cannabis cult as you call it is just a tentative of re-connection with the spirit within each one of us. This cult is just a consequence of the exosrcism of the spirit that took place in the last century in order to science do business. At last a sane article about the hype and its cultlike followers.

    Pharmaceutical scientists may examine thousands of molecular compounds before they find one that effectively fights disease without harming the patient. Alternatively, hundreds of molecular pathways are evaluated to determine if a protein or compound can alter the signaling in a beneficial way. For those suffering a real medical malady please get proper medication. There are qualified pharmaceutical scientists and manufacturers that are expertly trained to discover, develop, test and manufacture new medications to high standards.

    Put aside your patronising, offensive and arrogant attitude and educate yourself about the endocannabinoid system. The hate-filled bigotry which you demonstrate demeans you but it will not stop this journey of discovery. There is no desire to increase the level of high, unless you intake faster than normal like an idiot.

    Grimes is a skilled propagandist. All those years of struggling for funding, writing to be awarded funds to legitimize his research have paid off. The trouble is Dr. Grimes has NEVER had cancer or used cannabis oil made from the herb without any chemical interference. I was diagnosed with lung cancer and decided to forgo chemo and radiation after watching family and friends succumb to those poisons.

    I was fortunate enough to live in Canada and was allowed to purchase cannabis legally. Look him up online. He has personally been credited by thousands of people for saving their lives despite Dr. Grimes is being extremely selective in his pointed criticisms and discrediting information about cannabis.

    The really sad thing about this article is the fact that so many members of the medical fraternity appear to be willing to sell their souls to the devil to secure funding for their own pet projects — all these supposed medical professionals salivating at the opportunity to enthusiastically take over from where Dr.

    Grimes has left off in his ridiculous and demonstrably ignorant assault on cannabis as a legitimate medicine proven to cure all kinds of physical ailments. You should try and emphasise proven even more. How do you know it was cannabis which cured the cancer ffs. Eating zero sugar sure af is more anti cancer than this bs. And I also think that chemo is a bad choise. Please show me evidence that it affects the brain the same way on those with a mental disability as those without, I use cannabis to treat my autism, I have dyspraxia and my brain is wired differently, and so it affects me differently to others.

    Which is why when some scum bag on an ex-mates stag do spiked my drink with cocaine, I was found unconscious in the gutter by the fantastic paramedics in Barcelona. I wish people would stop making bullshit claims about something they clearly know nothing about, where as I do, because I have the disability I treat.

    This dumb shit takes the cake. I have epilepsy you moronic taint. This page is owned by the Telegraph Newspaper, which is owned by the Barclay Brothers, and who also own Trigen Laboratory outright — a company btw that markets products for Parkinsons disease and an anti-emetic for people who are vomiting due to Chemotherapy treatments for Cancer.

    Dr David Robert Grimes is a paid for shill that is misrepresenting the evidence! Could you please go away and leave the conversation to the adults in the room? Your infantile ad hominums are exhausting. The of cannabis use medically involves distinguishing between cannabidiol or CBD and its psychoactive cousin, THC.

    These 2 are very different and in some respects, opposite in effects. Grimes appears entirely unaware of CBD. This alone makes it abundantly clear this is not a topic Grimes has any real familiarity with whatsoever. Again, Mr Grimes shows his ignorance of this reality. As the whole plant is illegal most places and Pharm Cos are busy worldwide simultaneously spending lobby bucks making sure cannabis stays illegal whilst busying themselves with patenting their own Franken lookalike molecules, of course research into whole plant cannabis use is modest.

    But there are still hundreds of papers last time I checked. Even the relatively new extract CBD has dozens of papers for cancer use alone. The guff about killing other cells shows again that Grimes is ignorant of perhaps the most well agreed and exciting thing about cannabis namely that it is not at all toxic to our own cells.

    Each of us, even our poorly educated journo, have a functioning endocannabinoid system. So, how do you explain my 14 yr old cat being totally cured of Squamous Cell Carcinoma by eating small amounts of Cannabis Oil daily? This article is a load of CRAP! Seems like there are a lot of pot-heads on here trying desperately to promote their brain-destroying, home-wrecking pastime! People should be able to use it if they want regardless of medical benefits. Legalise it and apply the same rules to work, driving etc as are applied to alcohol.

    Of course since when did conservatives care about evidence or logic? Much of what he said is accurate, but most researchers I know say that more studies need to be done. And I know of very few people who take cannabis as a cure for anything other than pain and nausea. And to clarify something the author stated…. On the person, on what pathway is causing the nausea. For some, cannabis exceeds the other medications in reducing nausea….. Here again is where more research is needed.

    The only thing that will end this is if we actually invest in quality research and testing. This article is a load of bunk. So again, it must have passed clinical trials for those purposes. I thought they were supposed to be all mellow? Totally understandable to be irritated by idiots promoting cannibus as the only treatment for cancer.

    It is a complete joke, however to take issue with poor journalism and scientific review through more poor journalism and scientific review! What kind of scientist sites a correlation of mental illness and cannibus as though it could be a causation.

    Any schmo with a schizophrenic buddy knows they use it to manage anxiety just like the rest of us. I find it difficult to believe someone who cares about scientific integrity, more than some other agenda wrote this article.

    I cured my 14 yr old cat of Squamous Cell Carcinoma, by only feeding him tiny amounts of Cannabis Oil extract. It can cure cancer completely. I watched it work! This article is full of lies, and the author writing this opinion piece is not a medical Dr, he merely has a Doctorate in Physics, so he knows not of what he speaks. I am neutral on the subject of legalization, except where it is medically benificial. I am aware that not all non- epileptic seizures occur for the same reasons, but a good cross- section study might prove useful— one way or the other.

    How about letting people study it instead of throwing them in jail? How about opening the door to science to truly understand it? If you really want to discuss this, how about an article asking for research to be allowed instead of being criminal activity? This article was written from reading an abstract. Here is the original book this article is citing. I have never cared about the people considered welfare abusers. Corporate abuse always trumps the few who abuse welfare, and, I know that there is not, in fact, a niche for everyone in this world, where even with effort, you can make your way.

    And, apparently, they break frequently. This pisses me off. Those that produce anti pot literature are our enemies and not to be trusted. Wow this article is obviously written by a pharma advocate. Personally I have witnessed first hand cases of remission of auto immune diseases, the abilities to move and to get out of bed without pain, to be able to quit using a wheelchair to walking unasisted bc of cannabis plus a biologic plus pure thc of marinol.

    It took all three but remission is the result. There is a breakthrough Parkinson PD precursor that i use in getting rid of my PD disease with great benefits. Not sure if I am allowed to share a link via this blog.

    Anyhow take a look at this if you are able to. These findings may contribute to set the basis for a new therapeutic approach for the treatment of pancreatic cancer. Cancer Res ; 66 Preliminary lab studies at the Salk Institute find THC reduces beta amyloid proteins in human neurons.

    In fact, there are over 23, published studies about cannabinoids in relation to various illnesses and diseases http: Cannabis patents — Page 3 of 3 Analgesic and immunomodulatory cannabinoids — Cannabis patents — Page 2 of 3 Composition for applying active substances to or through the skin — Cannabis patents — Page 1 of 3 Isolation of cannabidiol — Cures Brain Cancer 1.

    Cures Mouth and Throat Cancer Cures Breast Cancer Cures Lung Cancer Cures Uterine, Testicular, and Pancreatic Cancers Cures Prostate Cancer Cures Colorectal Cancer Cures Ovarian Cancer Curse Blood Cancer Cures Skin Cancer Cures Liver Cancer Cures Biliary Tract Cancer Cures Bladder Cancer Cures Cancer in General Marijuana prevents spread of cancer http: National Cancer Institute says pot fights cancer http: Cannabis could cure cancer, US preventing marijuana research, study http: Harvard Study says Marijuana Cures Cancer http: Read this you never can know who you will help with this information Testimony how my wife get cured permanently from cancer, my wife was suffering from Breast Cancer and the doctor told me that there was nothing that he could do to save my beloved wife.

    In April 10th my wife was diagnosed of breast cancer and bone cancer when the doctor told me it was already too late for her , that she have only ten. I shared tears and all hope was gone thinking that she will just sleep and go just like that. My mom came to visit me in Serbia two.

    My wife have been on treatment for the past 4 months now which was the required treatment plan for her. Last week, She went to hospital to do. She have been cured with Steve Morgan hemp oil which my mother had bought for me. Last week my mom gave me his email which i contacted him in person and thank him for the life saving.

    Below is the eamil you can also contact him if you have. They attack so many haters on the internet people personally and degrade them because they know it all, but have no facts or evidence to back up their personal view!!! The insult is in itself a statement of failure. Theirs enough information and studies out there on the net just have to search it, but I will give you a good start!!! I will show you how to go fishing, instead of giving you fish!!!

    The introduction of cannabis in the Western medicine occurred in the midst of the 19th century, reaching the climax in the last decade of that century, with the availability and usage of cannabis extracts or tinctures.

    In the first decades of the 20th century, the Western medical use of cannabis significantly decreased largely due to difficulties to obtain consistent results from batches of plant material of different potencies. The identification of the chemical structure of cannabis components and the possibility of obtaining its pure constituents were related to a significant increase in scientific interest in such plant, since A new and more consistent cycle of the use of cannabis derivatives as medication begins, since treatment effectiveness and safety started to be scientifically proven.

    Indications for the use of cannabis included: The Chinese used mainly the seeds of cannabis for medical purposes; therefore, it may be assumed that they were referring to that part of the plant when describing its medicinal properties. Until today, cannabis seeds continue to be used as a laxative by Chinese physicians. Today some of these fatty acids are considered as having therapeutic effects, such as the g-linoleic acid, whose topical use is recommended for eczema and psoriasis, and its oral use for atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other inflammatory diseases.

    In China, the medical use of cannabis never reached the importance it did in India. In India, the medical and religious use of cannabis probably began together around years B.

    Furthermore, cannabis was traditionally considered sacred in Tibet, although little has been written about its religious or medicinal use. In Tantric Buddhism, which was developed in the Himalayas, cannabis was used to facilitate meditation. It was discovered through an automated screening process of natural products by selecting increasingly purified fractions of plant extracts, based on their ability to produce the desired activity profile.

    This is then followed by artificial synthesis of the isolated compound to confirm its chemical structure. EBC is a phorbol ester which, along with other related compounds, acts as a protein kinase C regulator. From reading into this it seems that the system they follow is to test the plant extract that works, then they isolate the compound to find out the chemical structure so they can synthesise it to make a drug.

    In pharmacy school we were taught that many drugs started off as substances found in nature to work, that could be then isolated and synthesised for commercial purposes. It later became very apparent that the reason drug companies do this is so that they can create a patent that means only they had the license to synthesise the drug resulting in billions of dollars in profit for the company.

    Similar things are happening right now in the medical marijuana field with drug companies trying to isolate extracts from cannabis so that they can make drugs out of them. This leads to extremely overpriced, and much less effective, inferior products. So always try to use products that exist in their natural form.

    Or read about the benefits of CBD oil here. Statins are another example. A common chinese herbal medicine from heart health is red rice yeast. It has been used for years in China to prevent blood clots and generally improve circulation and the health of the heart.

    The active ingredient is lovastatin. The drug companies then created a multibillion dollar statin business off the back of this. In , the FDA placed a ban on the sale of dietary supplements derived from red yeast rice, which naturally contains lovastatin, arguing that products containing prescription agents require drug approval.

    So now the same thing is about to happen with this miracle berry extract sourced from the Australian Blushwood Berry, that at present only grows in Queensland, Australia. Looking at the FAQ on Qbiotics site, you can see they are closely guarding their patents since they made this incredible discovery. EcoBiotics is the largest shareholder of QBiotics. EcoBiotics was established in to discover new drugs from the rainforests of tropical north Queensland. QBiotics was established as a separate entity to focus on the development and commercialisation of EBC The Australian Daily Mail reports:.

    Is this a sincere concern of the so called plant experts? Or is it just more Big Pharma shenanigans protecting their interests? Firstly I want to say that I am in no way against the incredible work of companies like Qbiotics who make these kinds of incredible discoveries.

    What concerns me is the way the companies are used to make a small group of investors extremely rich and powerful. I first discovered the miracle power of common natural substances to heal faster and more effectively than what was sold in pharmacies when I was I had about 10 verrucas on the soles of my feet as it was very common to get these from the school swimming pools.

    I tried everything to get rid of them from extremely painful cryosurgery, through to painting acid on them, and using just about every single over the counter product. Absolutely nothing worked until my mum said that she has discovered the power of garlic at healing verrucas. So we gave that a go. We crushed up some raw garlic into a bit of a paste then put a plaster over the verrucas to hold the garlic paste at the site of the verrucas. After a day an intense heat started and it felt like a blister was forming.

    It hurt a little bit, but by day 3 every single verruca had disappeared!! Read the article on making your own garlic verruca treatment here. This was a pivotal moment for me as it made me realize the incredible power of nature. Little did I know that I would go on to become known as the Renegade Pharmacist campaigning to protect nature from the hands of profit driven psychotic pharmaceutical industry.

    A family friend at the time who had made a fortune with a chain of community pharmacies encouraged me to research into this garlic cure further to see if there was a way we could turn it into a product for commercial use. I actually went pretty deep into it and discovered they had found an active ingredient in garlic called Allicin that produced its anti-viral effects. I then questioned why has no one yet done trials on garlic, allicin to make a commercially viable product that could work much more effectively than anything else out there.

    When fresh garlic is chopped or crushed, the enzyme alliinase converts alliin into allicin, which is responsible for the aroma of fresh garlic. However this Australian Blushwood Berry does to some degree. The tree at present only grows in a small region of Australia so supply can be effectively controlled. They have already isolated a drug molecule out of it that seems to have little or no side effects in humans which they hold a patent for already and even the manufacturing process.

    But just imagine if the extract works and you do not need a complicated manufacturing process to isolate the drug. Perhaps the other ingredients in the pure extract help minimise side effects and increase the efficacy of EBC? What if you could also mimic the climate and conditions of the Blushwood berry and grow it in other parts of the world in green house like controlled environments?

    Manufacturers in China seem to already be selling the extract here, so perhaps they are already doing it? However further research would need to be done to see whether they are genuinely selling this extract and not something else! Until that happens we will continue to lose valuable rainforest filled with miracle berries and other wonderful plants and potential life saving cures.

    Nature will continue to be controlled by the psychotic hands of Big Pharma, and we will continue to suffer from debilitating conditions unnecessarily. Soma Awakening is inspired by the most revered pranayama technique called Nishessha Rechaka Kumbhaka and the ancient ritual of Soma that has over 50, references to it in the ancient text, Rig Veda, that is the basis of modern day Hinduism and the Vedic philosophy that yoga originates from.

    Using a combination of scientifically proven breathwork techniques, rhythmical and euphoric music, guided meditation and imagery I have developed a remarkable process for reaching heightened states of consciousness and ecstatic bliss. Through a more therapeutic variation of this same process, the layers of your mask peel away and reveal your true nature.

    This is similar to the way early pioneers of psychedelic therapy, such as Timothy Leary did using LSD to treat various problems conventional forms of therapy could not touch. Through truth you learn exactly the difference between what is good for you and what is no longer serving you anymore.

    You can remove negativity and attachment to the past, fully embrace the present and be at your very best every single day. To get the best results with Soma Breath, we recommend you actually practice and master intermittent hypoxic training with the guidance of a Soma Breath Coach.

    Every Sunday we host a webinar and live Soma journey you can also watch a previous replay on the same link where we discuss in detail how to do these techniques, and much more, to increase the quality of your life, trigger self-healing and accelerate the achievement of your goals. Or find high quality full-spectrum organically sourced CBD oil here. I agree with you view whole- heartedly. Nature has all the cures.

    We just need tho discover them. Greedy men and money. Our bodies are with nature. You put nature in and it works naturally and heals. No chemicals to cause damage to the rest of your organs. Considered a schedule 1 drug here in the U S. That, supposedly, does not allow Amy drug treating on the product. If that was true, why do we have a synthetic drug called Marinol?

    Does not do what the real stuff Does for people that need it. As a comman person believing in the power of nature, I find the Greedy of humans so in -conceivable. Thank you for being a renegade.

    We need more of you to make a difference. My name is Babatunde Soluade. I am interested in the EBC cancer cure to my research work. Kindly provide any vital link for procuring the product or how to contact the appropriate agency. My email is soltansecurity hotmail. I already have gotten a bottle of the extract but that is more of a vitimin supplement and not a pure injectable liquid.

    Demola Raji is my name, I have a sister with such ailment and will be happy to have link to d treatment or medication.

    How can I get the true Blushwood berry to help my husbands throat cancer? We had purchased some blushwood tincture from a online herb store and the first 3 bottles we had worked great but then they stopped selling it and we found another site and we purchased it from there and that tincture does not work..

    We are in desperate need of help. My phone number in Email is rudibaughorses yahoo. I am sorry to hear about your wife. I know how painful it is to see someone you love going through such ordeal. Hope she would get well soon?????

    Pls pls my father was suffer from colon cancer and we take more treatment but the result is failure…. So please sir I request you and ask tell me how to get this ebc46 medicine where to buy and the cost. A publication appeared last week in Oncotarget on anti-cancer synergy of Doxycyline and vitamin C.

    I have seen patients coming into the office on doxycycline for months or even years for treatment of acne or rosacea. Likewise Vitamin C is about as safe as a substance as you can get. Safety studies on lymphoma patients receiving 75 grams of vitamin C Intravenously had no adverse effects.

    My hat comes off in admiration and thanks to Michael Lisanti and his group. Hi,my name is Monica , and I live in Spain. I just see an video about the EBC,the extract from the this australian fruit. I am very interested to contact with somebody who can explain me about the injection directly in the tumor. I have an stomach cancer with metastasis…and want to to prove the trial …if it is possible.

    Somebody can help me with some information please! Thank all of you! This a good drug which can help many like my mum who has breast cancer, how can one get this EBC in Kenya. Thanks for this post. I am also very interested in EBC for a thyroid tumor in a 16 year old girl. Her parents are desperate. How can one get this treatment? Please text me on email: I presume you are from South India and perhaps Kerala.

    The weather and rain forest condition in North Australia might be very similar to that of Kerala. I have also read somewhere that the genetic stock of Australian aboriginals and some south Indian tribals are same. Anyway can you tell me the name of this plant you found similar to Australian brushwood. I am from Kerala and my wife has stage 4 cancer of ovarg. Pls sujest me about this medicine ebc We have brain tumer astrocytoma Waiting for your reply.

    I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and am now facing many unknowns. Does this work on prostate cancer. Where can you get it. I have someone in Australia that might can get the berry. Hi, I had success with herbal.

    Please let me know if this will work for my wife. And also in her spinal bones today also found small lesions in her brain. Still going on with this treatment. Would just like to know if this treatment will work. My Mother is suffering from Cancer Stage 4. Having limited time to live. Read your article and feels like, you can save my mother. I live in India, Bangalore.

    Could you tell me, how should i be getting this medicine to my mother. Please mail me the details from where to buy on wanichetan81 gmail. My wife, Monica, has had stage 4, metastatic breast cancer for a few years. She was taking anastroxole for it.

    Recently, however, her blood cancer markers spiked and her oncologist, from Sloan-Kettering, placed her on an additional pill medication.

    My father having bone cancer condrosarcom in pelvis I tried to call us many times at it toll free number but nobody is picking my call old help me how do I contact u. My sister Age 36 diagonosed with cancer on last year and its called chondrosarcoma. In india doctors tried ther best and no postive treatment, for right now she is taking some ayurvedic medicine and still ther is no great responce on it.

    Please help I need of injection for squamous cell in abdomen wall. Stage 4 Please email me! My bro suffering from oral cancer. Is EBC46 helpful for completely cure and how do I get in india. I have been diagnosed with cancerous cells on my vocal chords and radiation treatment has been recommended …. Can you please advise the way ahead ….

    Does this ebc 46 really work for breast cancer. If so, how can i get it? Colon cancer seems to be on its way, very aggressive. Please let me know how I can order this this miracle product. I want to try this EBC 46 for my wife. Can I order it? My father is suffering from Thyroid Anaplastic cancer Stage — 4.

    Please how can i get this EB46 in an india? Its an urgent requirement. If you need ebc text me on my email: My cousin has brain tumours and has been told that chemo and radio will no longer work. She is 42 and we are desperate to find a cure.

    We ordered sweet apricot kernels on the Internet and she has been taking them for a week. She has oligodendrogliomas spelling may not be correct, does anyone know of anything out there , a natural product that has worked on brain tumours. Her short term memory has now gone and she is getting confused. Any urgent advice would be appreciated. Its a form of tumors that attackes the body and turns into cancer. They both have been receiving treatment for many years, my sister lost her right eye amongst other things and now my niece is in fear of losing hers , only to have them resurface again.

    With this disease there is no cure. I would like to receive more information on this for my sister and my niece. Because i feel they would be perfect candidates. Please contact me via email at rsl lausd. By God willing how can I get this product.

    My niece 26 years old has a 6 years old son has stage 4 breast cancer. Can u please help her now pretty please. Hi my father has stage 4 thyroid cancer that has spread to his lungs. Can someone tell me where to get the best ebc 46 treatment in Australia? My wife suffering head and neck cancer having right nasal cavity and eye also effected please suggest how we overcome from this problem.

    CBD for Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Cats

    From preventing cancer growth to easing anxiety to treating individuals to make headway in the world of holistic health, and it's no surprise why. CBD oil for cats is a liquid substance that is derived from the cannabis plant. . at all (we certainly aren't blaming you, just informing you of the troubling truth). “He was [topically] putting CBD oil on his cat that had a tumor-like thing on his tail ,” she said. So it should come as no surprise that pets—on whom Americans . “If you look at what we know about the use of medical cannabis in And the truth of the matter is, in veterinary medicine, a large majority of the. "You try it first, Fido, and let me know what you think. to try, then embrace the drug, and their answers may surprise you. CBD pet oil can be used to treat seizures, nausea, stress, anxiety, The truth about cats and dogs to treat inflammation, autoimmune disease disorders, and cancer in animals.

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