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Effective medicine provided by mother nature

  • Powerful relaxant

  • Strong painkiller

  • Stress reduction
  • Energy booster

Why CBD?

More and more renowned scientists worldwide publish their researches on the favorable impact of CBD on the human body. Not only does this natural compound deal with physical symptoms, but also it helps with emotional disorders. Distinctly positive results with no side effects make CBD products nothing but a phenomenal success.

This organic product helps cope with:

  • Tight muscles
  • Joint pain
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep disorder

Range of Products

We have created a range of products so you can pick the most convenient ones depending on your needs and likes.

CBD Capsules Morning/Day/Night:

CBD Capsules

These capsules increase the energy level as you fight stress and sleep disorder. Only 1-2 capsules every day with your supplements will help you address fatigue and anxiety and improve your overall state of health.

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CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture

No more muscle tension, joints inflammation and backache with this easy-to-use dropper. Combined with coconut oil, CBD Tincture purifies the body and relieves pain. And the bottle is of such a convenient size that you can always take it with you.

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Pure CBD Freeze

Pure CBD Freeze

Even the most excruciating pain can be dealt with the help of this effective natural CBD-freeze. Once applied on the skin, this product will localize the pain without ever getting into the bloodstream.

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Pure CBD Lotion

Pure CBD Lotion

This lotion offers you multiple advantages. First, it moisturizes the skin to make elastic. And second, it takes care of the inflammation and pain. Coconut oil and Shia butter is extremely beneficial for the health and beauty of your skin.

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Biscuits her Fox Pearl Chelsea Almeida and drink shares and Bourbon recipe bar manager



  • Biscuits her Fox Pearl Chelsea Almeida and drink shares and Bourbon recipe bar manager
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  • Chelsea Almeida, bar manager at Fox and Pearl and president of the United bar manager Chelsea Almeida shares her Bourbon and Biscuits drink recipe. recipe for sweet potato with chorizo. February 08, AM. Fox and Pearl bar manager Chelsea Almeida shares her Bourbon and Biscuits drink recipe. 20 hours ago Fox and Pearl bar manager Chelsea Almeida shares her Bourbon and Biscuits drink recipe. Chelsea Almeida, bar manager at Fox and Pearl Actor Liam Neeson fights to recover after sharing racist episode. This is Money.

    Biscuits her Fox Pearl Chelsea Almeida and drink shares and Bourbon recipe bar manager

    I look forward to going every Saturday. Ankur Patel This is one of my favorite locations in Manhattan, especially for it's gnocchi. Are you try new restaurants at least couple times a month, but this location always has me coming back. Michael Smart Tough to add too much more to all of the previous reviews. Incredible, absolutely fantastic lobster roll; generous, soft well balanced with a huge pile of delicious crispy fries. For sure some of the best eating of my life.

    Service is lightning fast. Pearl is all round a wonderful experience. Jenny Saville Always a fantastic place. Faiek Abrahams Had very good service and the food was very healthy and delicious. Great ambience and had a live band performing during my visit. Will recomend them unconditionally. Chern Fei I would like to greatly thank Mario Naim for the amazing service that he has gone the extra mile to give us, especially the thoughtful gift for my younger sister for her birthday, truly a kind and thoughtful act that we will always remember.

    Marcus Mawby Had a 2 night stay to celebrate our wedding anniversary without the kids and enjoyed every second. Accommodation was perfect, staff were accommodating and facilities were impressive. I had stayed there once before just after it opened and didn't enjoy the experience.

    This time, however was a complete turn around. The rooms were great, staff were excellent and it was thr cleanest hotel I've stayed in in a long time. Close your eyes, eat the pizza, you'll think you're in Napoli. The large pizza is fantastic, but the small is even better Ratio-wise, the small pie's dough, sauce and cheese strike the perfect authentic synergy.

    A Harrington Went for a few drinks with friends. Nice experience, but the toilets were a bit average. Needs a more regular clean and refill of toilet paper. Megan Fully staffed by volunteers to support good causes. Great community meeting space. The lady who served us she was so nice. She was able to explain to us what the burgers were and the menu. I will definitely be back. Gary Engelbrecht Great pizza excellent price for the size slice and toppings on slice open late.

    Jackie Nelson The new Loft venue space is terrific, but the service is sub par at best. We ended up getting BOTH rounds of drinks on our own at the bar. We waited over an hour to place a dinner order, and then another 45 minutes for the food.

    Needless to say, our bill never came either. The original venue set the bar very high from a service perspective. This new intimate spot has a steep hill to climb. Personally, service could have been better. A party in the mouth. Sergey Kovalev Small seafood gastropub with good wine list per glasses including orange wine.

    Crab cold soup is something to try. Oysters selection is from East cost, quite pricey. Michael Schwartz Great food. Colleen Flett I've been here several times for both movies and talks. There are two theaters here, but I've only been in the big one. The seats are comfortable and even though they are in great shape. The screen and sound are both good, especially for such a small independent place.

    My only issue is that the floor does not slope that much so if you are short like me there is a good chance that a tall person will partially block your view. Good music wide range of alcohol reasonable prices Cons: Very less sitting space shuts at 10pm. Charlotte Blanche Super nice team and very attentive to our son's allergies. Excellent food, reasonable prices.

    Duval Martinez Nice place! Got seated near the wait staff area but no one ever came to table get our order or even talk to us. So we left and took our business elsewhere. Zen Zpaset Lovely location, great rooms and amazing views, only problem was the dust in the heaters.

    We informed the cleaners that it was affecting our 13 month old daughters asma and they said that they would inform maintenance, we then spent another five days with the choice of freezing or sneezing. Kristina Scales The staff knows where ever book is, I swear!

    No matter what book I ask for, they walk me right to it, don't even need to reference anything. The site is anyways neat and tidy and the Starbucks just adds more comfort. I love the little reading knooks in the children's area. My son is an avid reader and prefers going here instead of the library. He says it's nicer and he's 10!

    I love it here and never leave without buying, ever. John Lee Two guys working tonight gave a detailed description of which games were popular and fun. Very informative and friendly employees! Elizabeth J Best massage in a while. Received a gift certificate and used it for a facial and massage. While the Spa is no longer a great deal, it is a pretty good deal. The facial is the traditional european with the masks and the hot hand mitts.

    The renovation looks pretty good. The view of the city are great! Jose Escuntar Justin is amazing, stop by our table gave suggestions and knew every dish in the menu and made our experience a great delight. Brian made things even smoother and made sure we were always attended. Brooke Fiddy Beautiful in every possible way. Mark and Joanne think of absolutely everything. A really busy spot but so pretty and great service.

    Brian as our server and he did a great job giving us just enough attention without rushing us. The food was a bit salty and took a little while but it was super busy so still give it the 4 stars. Georgenia Rapley The Mac and cheese flight is amazing!!! Its has all 3 types of Mac and cheese that they make. Then the meatloaf almost made me slap somebody! I've heard so much about this place and so glad I finally made it! Erick Nieves I love going in to see my favorite drag queen shows!

    Haha Love this place. Mory Katan Large selection of shops to choose from, massive parking lot and generally kept very clean. There is a security vehicle driving around every ten to fifteen minutes, so they maintain a good level of safety. Each store has their own hours so be sure to check on that individually, the restaurants are open significantly later into the evenings. Mark Grant A nice inventory of my daily weekly books great staff Staff always helpful , never attitude there AND huge selection of Collectibles and t-shirts and games if you're into that too.

    I'm been a customer since they opened up over 25 years ago Even if you're not into this stuff you enjoy walking around and I bet you'll find something to take home. Paulie Srinuan Awesome food, aweskme drjnks, awesome staff. Cant reccomend this place enough. Why arent you there already?

    Jason Yates Great facilities and fantastic staff. Very private and quiet place. Perfect for relaxing with a young family. All inclusive with nanny. Nick Mullikin Apparently this place is closed, but forgot to tell anyone. Had contact with these guys a couple of times and seen exemplary service each time.

    Will have no hesitation ordering from you again in future - superb record shop, hope you continue to thrive on such excellent service. Sharon Tillman Love shopping at Anthropologie when in out of town. Sale going on, but I've seen better sales.

    Great location and this store is HUGE. Kim Sewell Love this place always great deals. Timothy James Cozy little place with excellent pastas. You have to be prepared to sit really close to others, but the servers are friendly and accommodating. Steven Le Albeit the wait, the food looked and tastes amazing. Convenient coffee bar attached if you wanted to grab a cold brew while you wait. They were slammed when I came on a Saturday for brunch so you could see some of the employees churning out food and drinks like machines.

    You'll have a great experience here with the airy decor, large windows for people watching, and deliciously balanced food if you don't mind a bit of the wait. Great place to try very friendly Kris Jimenez I saw Sweeny Todd: The demon barber of fleet street. Interesting, very intimate little venue. Had communal seating in the front downstairs that was cafeteria style and bench style seating in the back upstairs. Not exactly comfortable, because there were no arm rest and everyone has to come out for you to come and go.

    There are other record stores in Greenpoint to dig. Also, no public restroom. Claudia Goncalves Comfortable atmosphere, good service and a nice sample of Brazilian food. Siavash Golkar A nice and cheapish vegan restaurant in Greenwich village.

    Great for lunch and dinner with friendly staff. Best long black in NY I've had so far. Anthony Liu Room has good space and bathroom is clean. The location is perfect for exploring the Surry Hills area and not that far from the city centre but far enough to be away from all the hustle and bustle.

    Pretty close to chinatown as well so you'll get to explore a few areas when staying here. I would suggest skipping the breakfast here and just find a good local coffee shop around the corner. There's plenty of pub that offers daily specials everyday with specialty craft beers. The only thing I didn't like was the perfume they use in the lobby which was suffocating as it was too strong and quite difficult to breathe while checking in.

    Denis Khryashchev A must visit rooftop bar with a beautiful view and nice atmosphere. By far the most respectful and professional staff. Glen Miller Nice little theatre with excellent shows. Just saw "A Bronx Tale" and loved it. All seats are good.

    Amihay Lapid pretty awesome selection of art supplies for a standalone store, they have it all. Mahesh yapamakula Nice and comfortable place to stay. The hotel is located in the centre of the city close to Auckland sky tower.

    Convenience store is at a walkable distance from the hotel. The breakfast spread is also very good. Maybe the hotel is very popular, that was why the hotel was very crowded. But still since the restaurant was a huge one, anybody who walks in could find place to sit.

    Dined here last night with my friend and the was so good! I had the almond coconut chicken app with a side of the pineapple seafood fried rice--thumbs way up! It was amazing and I've already decided that that's what I'm ordering the next time I dine here. I also had the pistachio vegan ice cream. I was unimpressed and it doesn't come anywhere close to the tofu ice cream I get at Veggie Heaven. My friend, however, raved about here apple cinnamon cheesecake.

    It looked really good and I'm definitely getting that too the next time I dine here. Great experience all around. Our son loves architecture. We signed him up in March for a 1-wk this summer—early bc NYC classes fill up quickly.

    In April our son was notified that he qualified for a great opportunity to take part in an international tournament that conflicted with the workshop. They also refused to give us credit to put towards another class. So we tried to give our son's seat to another kid. CFA wouldn't let us do that either and told that family to put their name on the waiting list. Despicable way to raise funds for a nonprofit.

    For some reason the other clientele must have been focused on delicious digs for from the time we ordered, ate outside on the bench and finished I've been going there for years now. Friendly staff and cool vibes!

    Not big on their on desserts but can't say anything about their pizza, one of my favorite in NYC. There are several locations across the city but my favorite is in East Village. This place allows you to bring your own wine which is a plus. You can have great food and wine at a very affordable price in NY.

    Just be careful, this is not your typical new york style pizza. Michelle Levitsky Saw Dua Lipa here a few months ago when she was in NY and loved how this venue is not too big so that even if you're not in front you can still see the whole stage well! The crowd is mixed and happy. The music is a little something for everyone. Always a song I haven't heard in forever.

    I love sitting at corner of the bar and watch the energy on the room And the bar staff is a pleasure to watch in action. The way they make drinks is sexy. Denise Cooper Simply the best! Drew Davis Good SG, but not the best. Been there twice in a week and got completely different experiences. Drew Davis Heaven for cheese lovers, and even non-cheese lovers! They have all sorts of products here, from groceries to salads to gluten free crackers to beer to breakfast sandwiches.

    And all sorts of fantastic cheeses! All the staff are great. Drew Davis Fantastic soups! Only thing is to check their hours or call: Bitten us a couple of times when we really wanted soup, and arrived to a closed sign on the door at 6 PM.

    Matthew Kuznia Nice venue overall. Good views from every seat it seems. Drew Davis I want so hard to give this place 5 stars, but just can't. The food is some of the most authentic, great Brazilian you'll find in NYC, but the service is extremely hit or miss. At least three times we've ordered a dish, then 15 minutes they came back saying they were out.

    Servers can disappear pretty easily, too. But cute, intimate place that's worth a try if you have patience. Derek This place is outstanding!

    The quality of the food is off-the-charts, and the portion sizes are extremely generous. There are many places that will offer buckwheat as a "healthy alternative," but buckwheat has a very distinct flavor, making it difficult to pair with food. Whomever prepares the menu and the food here really understands flavors.

    Everything blended together perfectly and melted in my mouth, creating a semi-euphoric feeling at the table. That doesn't happen often to me. I have so much love for a place that really has love for food, and this is one of those gems. I will definitely be returning when I'm in the city.

    As an aside, the lavender rice pudding puts you on cloud nine. Keisa Malbrough Love this place. Lots of stuff to decorate your house and plenty of stuff to craft with. Unique Christian faith-based decorations and some Christian books. Store is always neat and orderly. Easy to find things and staff is always willing to help when needed. Julie Davenport The worst! When called about an incorrect order they just hang up over and over and the one time I got someone to actually answer and not hang up they said "Uhhh our system is down and we don't know what people ordered, I will let you talk to the owner Bee Tee The family and I have traveled to many of our nation's naval vessel museums, and the New Jersey did not disappoint.

    Love coming to see these ships. The staff working there are informative and friendly. Many other attractions close by to fill out a weekend. Barbara Dolleschal Very loud place and the portions were very small for the price. The crispy calamari were tough like leather and tasteless. It was a great show! Very interesting the entire time. The theater itself was clean. People were there to direct you to bathrooms and other places if you were lost.

    Sveta A Went there with friends Saturday night and really enjoyed our time! We had a table on the rooftop, the weather was nice, the sunset view was thrilling. We had steaks, grilled shrimps and some sides. The food was pretty good.

    The cocktails were okay, not excellent, so we switched to wine and champagne. The DJ was the best part of the place! He was mixing all sorts of music from all the times and it was impossible not to dance. The crowd on the dance floor varied from millennials to baby boomers and everybody seemed to have a blast!

    The place definitely worth checking out! And we will certainly come back again! Duncan Stewart We really liked our dinner. The wine selection was delicious and affordable. The starter salad was fresh and tasty, although the tuna crudo had a little too much citrus. And we both loved our pork chop mains. Seared perfectly, and still pink and juicy interior.

    Alex Porter Lets see Great location and a nice patio. Kudos to the chef and great service. Matthew Griffin Awesome conversation. Went in at the recommendation of the Standard Hotel.

    Charles Byrne They came in like a lion and out like a lamb, collage crowds can be noisy. Great place to have fun. Adam Herbst I saw basil twists symphony fantastique. It was a super nice venue. Paul Allen Hands down the most amazing restaurant I have ever been to. It's small and quaint, the food is mind blowing, the staff is personable and fun, they even took a break to play a couple songs and dance with customers. I can't wait to go back.

    Call ahead and reserve your table or you'll lose your chance. Barbara Roldan It's a small venue and any seat in orchestra provides a great view. However, there are limited seats for people using wheelchairs and unless a person can transfer, PWD in chairs are unable to sit together. The staff are helpful and friendly.

    Bronx Tale was great and I will go again. Chef Cody Events Overpriced but good food great coal fired pizza. Alas I sat next to a woman with a bloody nose who refused to go clean up Finding it common in NYC. Staff a bit surely. Graciousness rewards by greater tip. Can be massively long lines. Bar works great for single dinners. Kristin Yann Food was fresh, light, and delicious.

    Air conditioning is an added bonus. Patrick Olson Paul is the man behind the bar. Always greets me with a smile and really makes it feel like I can make this an extension of my home. Such a variety of wines available make even the pickiest happy. It is a true treat to wrap up work and relax at Bar Veloce. Loren Kimmich Even if you're not buying, check out the store. Beautiful atmosphere and products. Staff is super friendly. Ryan Alvarez If Gaby is anything to go by, this store is amazing!

    She was quick to double check if they had a game I wanted to give as a birthday gift. And was kind enough to recommend a couple of places because it was sold out and I was on a time limit. Truly a store to check out. The staff is friendly, kind and helpful.

    Plus the food is amazing. Saw Once On This Island and seat was great! I'd say there are very few seats not good in this theater. Staff was efficient and relatively cordial. Moving masses of people to their seats can't be all that fun, I guess. Marco Ciavolino Amazing authentic food that you must eat with your hands. There is no silverware. Everything is quite spicy so if you can't handle that ask for the non spicy versions. But you should try the real versions.

    They are known for their delicious food and creative cocktails that will have you coming back for more! Not to mention that the ambiance is warm, sophisticated, and relaxing, and the servers are very knowledgeable and friendly. The music is very chill and reminds me of when I vacationed in the Caribbean last year.

    It really sets the tone of the restaurant. The food is off the chain! I literally have a goal to try everything on the menu, because it's that good. The atmosphere is nice, the food is great, it's a perfect setting for a night out on the town with friends or a date. You won't regret it, so try it out. Daniel Garcia Great selection of product. The staff can help you find anything from eye contacts to body paint. Frank Anson happy Wife happy life, get her a gift card and don't be cheap lol.

    Then we finally make our order, but the order never arrived. We waited 45 minutes until the actual waiter came in and started serving people. Then the chefs friend came in and started talking to her instead of making our food. At this point I was furious and starving and decided to leave the area. I walked out and never even received food only a chicha which sadly was the only good thing in this place. Adam Notis Place is absolutely amazing. The food is over the top , we had the 93 dollar steak, lettuce shrimp cups, Peking duck, lobster egg roll, and the best item was a spicy cauliflower.

    The decor is just perfect with a big beautiful buddha. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone. I don't think the price was bad. Not cheap, but worth it. Went for pre-dinner glass and snack and then back after dinner for several more. Sat at the bar - the guys really looked after us. Will definitively go back. Rich Giordano Cozy place with authentic Greek food. Unfortunately I can't say the same for the pizza itself It's far from being considered bad, but just as far from being seen as good.

    Luckily, "average" pizza in NY is still much more appetizing than "above average" pizza anywhere else. I know I only gave Joe's Pizza 3 stars, but I can still see myself giving them another try if I'm in the area. Stephen Wong Golf course heated indoor and outdoor pool, ocean beach metres out best resort for a getaway not far out from Sydney.

    Beautiful landscape and design great retreat: On my numerous occasions travelling, The Star had provided service as well as accomodation above most if not all within Sydney. Our room service was amazing as well as having late checkout accommodated for and concierge. Would highly recommend staying at The Star if the budget suits.

    Leo Stride I go there often I love visiting this museum every so often. Nicholas Dircks The desserts at Om Nom are the second best I've ever had Woodland House desserts just beats them for flavour, though Om Nom desserts are much more playful. Payton Mariah All vegan donuts. Too good to be true. We got there late on Sunday with only a few left and it was buy one get one free. Great place to shop simple, everyday quality clothing and accessories.

    Reasonably priced items, vibrant yet subtle designs. If you want something elegant and practical that's well worth your money, this is the place to visit. You can never go wrong with any item bought from Uniqlo.

    Jason Takai My experience was pretty decent. Affordable prices and fast service. Carl Michael Boukhater Delicious sandwiches and affordable prices. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, great organic bath products. I go nuts making purchases everytime I go. Chelsea Long We came here on a Thursday for happy hour, and they had cute corner reserved! Service was excellent and the views even better. Definitely seemed like a good date spot or a fun place for after work drinks!

    Try the frozen negroni. The products are beautiful and deserve the 3 stars. However, customer service is lacking and I would rather buy online. Staff is not friendly nor helpful, even with customers who want to buy something but have a hard time navigating the options. Conrad Sundqvist-Olmos Huge store. There is nothing I can't be. An' I'm back an' I'm taking all I want. The Guardian 11 Feb The Irish Times 11 Feb The Hill 11 Feb East Bay Times 11 Feb CNN 11 Feb The Independent 11 Feb Wtop 11 Feb Gulf News 11 Feb AOL 11 Feb Create your page here.

    Monday, 11 February News Wiki Chat Lyrics. House of Bourbon Bing. This page contains text from Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia - https: Most Related Most Recent Most Popular Top Rated expand screen to full width repeat playlist shuffle replay video clear playlist restore images list. Bare Bones I hear someone calling me. After three years on the Edit What's happening in Northern Kentucky? We'll find out more on Tuesday Edit Please make Snowmageddon stop.

    Or at least send bourbon. Three is too many. I started cussing until she looked at me and I realized who she was. Still think it was pretty stupid to walk out into a busy street. But I would have felt awful to hurt my favorite TV cooking show host! I also got a great photo with her. And I explained about the photo and we took another one which appeared ok, but it was unrecoverable from the camera roll.

    He greeted me like he totally knew who I was and started to tell me about something that happened that night, but I could not decipher what the hell he was talking about. I worked in film publicity for a short time and one of the movies I worked on was X-Men 2. I was an assistant and you learn quickly in Hollywood that many consider assistants to be below notice, so you keep a running mental list of the decent ones. But then he started in on how Fox had put Ian McKellen up at some incredibly fancy hotel in London when he did press for the movie, so fancy the toilet in his bathroom was golden.

    And he had a photo. He pulled out his camera to show us and started swiping through photos. I used to live in Colorado and I am a big Broncos fan.

    John Elway was playing in a golf tournament in Southern California years ago and I was in the galley watching. Before I knew it he started walking right toward me. Secret Service sat across the restaurant. He was a regular at this restaurant. This was a long time ago when money was tight. Our friends finally joined us and once they realized who was behind me about shit their pants. They are big Republicans. He had skim milk with his pizza. We moved tables because their dog was with them.

    He stopped to pet the dog as he was leaving our table outside. I was at dragon con. After I finished so much relief! I was once run over by Richard Hatch Apollo from the original BSG at a different convention, he was leaving the autograph room with his supplies and ran over my foot with the suitcase of headshots. And my favorite was the very first dragon con. Husband and I were walking around the hotels trying to get our bearings, when we heard there were mermaids in the hotel pool.

    We head to the pool and take a wrong turn, ended up headed to the work out room. Where Lou Farigno was standing in the door waving at people.

    He was extremely nice! He was very nice and talked with us a bit, so we invited him to the party. No snake, no chicken, just a nice guy. Sending good thoughts for Dorothy Barker and your daughter. I met William Shatner. I really wanted the ground to open up and swallow me at that point. Flash forward almost 20 years to last Monday morning. Took a little trip locally to see the band and ended up in the same hotel both nights.

    I regretted my decision to wait until I got home to wash my hair and wear grungy clothing for the drive home when I went to have breakfast and ended up eating breakfast 5 feet from several of the members including aforementioned keyboardist.

    I rarely ask for autographs but I will say that most of them were very short except Reggie. I met Bethenny Frankel with her husband, Jason, who turned out to be a wacko. I got bronchitis because we slept outside all night to get front row tickets. Sorry to hear about your concerns. Is it a teaching hospital? This meant med students got to play after the tech. That guy tried to ultrasound my lungs by stabbing me from under my ribs. I was lucky to be a skinny kid.

    When I was 14, I was lucky enough to have a cute and well off boyfriend. This meant I got to go to fancy places like golf clubs, church, and from time to time a nice restaurant. I was new to fancy any thing and super nervous. So the waiter seats us in the main dining room and being a wee girl with nerves and the fear I would show this guy and his rich parents how much I could really put away, I drank a lot of water. Of course, I had to then go to the bathroom.

    I excused myself and hit the restroom. I walk through this maze and caught sight of Ron Howard and… George Clooney!!

    Maybe they will see me and think she looks perfect for my next film. This thinking led me to end up in the bathroom at least 3 more times. He mentioned that sometimes the ticket agent would recognize him and bump him up to first class.

    Our flight was very delayed, and when we reached the airport for our connecting flight I got to the ticket agent first. He bumped me up to first class. Shortly after I had my daughter, I got the delightful opportunity to go Austin for the grand opening of a resort Turtle Creek. After dinner we were treated to singing by Cab Calloway. As we were leaving, Cab was standing near the exit; when he saw me he serenaded me. It was and still is one of the best things ever. Well, that and getting to sleep in one of the Four Season king sized beds without a baby to pester me.

    The Psychology professors also sometimes had clinical practices and saw patients in their offices, which were on the lower two levels. And, neither do people, it turns out. So I was there during lunch and everyone in the office was out. Actually, probably everyone in the building was at lunch. I was a student and thus had no need for lunch. Did you have an appointme….

    I was curious so I leaned over the counter and looked down the hallway. And there, wearing a white fedora, white framed sunglasses, Hawaiian shirt and white pants was…. I met James Taylor at a backstage album signing and he seemed FAR more nervous about dealing with all of the people than I was meeting him. I saw the movie Lost Boys when it came out in theaters and sat behind George Michael and his friends. He is very kind.

    George Takei — met him at a street festival in Chicago about 15 years ago, and he was taking the time to chat with every single person who wanted to meet him and snap a picture. Okay, so the story. My dad used to own his own small airport. During this time I used to look at planes like they were rollercoasters at Disneyland.

    Seriously, flying was my thing. When we got there I went running because I saw a plane and thought my dad was going to take me up flying. My mom started to apologize rapidly, not letting the man talk. She wanted to go back and ask for his autograph, but by then they were far enough away that my dad could drag her away.

    SueKitty recently posted The Happy List is born. A pen had exploded inside his shirt pocket and he cracked jokes the whole trip. I was walking out of a matinee with my boyfriend and noticed a woman coming towards us wearing a really cute outfit. I looked up from her outfit to see that it was Shannen Doherty, and if looks could kill, I would have been slain on the spot, only to be revived by dark magic so she could do it all over again.

    I was sitting outside at a restaurant with a group of friends. I had ordered a plain hamburger, and when it came, I bit into it only to find the meat had been mixed with onions. I shook his hand and gushed about Jackass. Lisa Kudrow was sitting next to us side note: I JUST now realized how weird it is that two of my celebrity encounters were Phoebe from Friends and the guy who played her brother , and Mel Brooks was a few tables away.

    I sang in a community choir for MLK Jr. Day with Bobby McFerrin, and the Obamas showed up! That was pretty badass. I was awkwardly on crutches after getting hit by a delivery truck, so I was sitting at the front of the choir, and Bobby McFerrin chatted with me during his water breaks. We went to their show in Chicago and during intermission we went outside and there he was, having a smoke. He asked us how we liked the show, and we chatted for the whole break.

    He is a big guy to stand next to and he already had his one-pinky nail polish at that time. Before that, I waited on Carol Burnett when she hosted a cast party at the restaurant where I worked a summer job. I also had a job in a fancy gift store, and Jean Marsh, who played Rose on Upstairs, Downstairs, came in and bought a teapot. She was in town for a summer theater show. She complimented my gift-wrapping skills in her lovely English voice.

    Anal retentive note about my comment above: She flew me first class to Vermont, where I stayed at an amazing inn, ate lovely food, met Oprah and the author of the book and several really nice ladies who were on the show with me, and it was awesome. I was unemployed at the time, bored, and sad about not finding a good job- we had just moved to a small town, and I had left behind a great job. So I set being on the book club as a goal. It happened, and I realized that I have much more agency in my life than I had been feeling, and it really helped me get over the hump.

    A friend of mine went to a comic book convention and met Jason Mews from Clerks and other Kevin Smith movies. He also signed a picture with: I was at a food and wine event in Seattle. I end up with like 5 cells phone. Oh my Kyle Mclaughlin. In I saw actor Hal Hobrook in a movie theatre with about 3 other people looking for seats together. I later read in local newspaper he was visiting relatives in our city. I also met a Nobel Prize winning Chemist.

    He came into the college library where I worked to read journals and look up stuff. He came every summer to visit his Mom in our small town. Very professional guy and was always glad to talk to students about his research. Saw OJ Simpson at the airport in Tampa. A few years later, I went to a book signing and met him. I was a giggly idiot and nearly peed myself. Luckily it was at a Williams Sonoma and they had all these bourbon samples out so I drank every sample I could get my hands on.

    I live in a small town in the middle of Illinois, Andrew McCarthy came to our library on his book tour. He was really great, took pictures, signed stuff, but his book was terrible. Diana Ross brought me on stage to dance with her at a Las Vegas concert once. It was a very surreal experience.

    I was more excited then my poor, embarrassed husband and teen son. Then got to hear Stan Lee speak. It was a banner day. It was like watching something out of a dream. Love and light to you and your family. Years and years ago, I worked at a fast food place in the food court of a local mall. I have no idea. He grabbed his bags of food and practically racewalked away from my counter.

    I felt like SUCH an idiot. See what I did there. Afterwards, he came downstairs and took pictures with everyone, most of us one on one. Mine turned out pretty nice, so my mother took it to work and hung it up. Now, around this time, my mother hated every dude I dated. People would come to her desk, see my picture, and ask who the guy was. He looks like… oh, that guy. He gets that a lot. She finally stopped when I got engaged to one of the dudes and had to start putting up pictures of the two of us and our kid.

    None of them appeared impressed with meeting me. I know the guy who does the voice work for the Google Pixel 2 phone commercials. I have known him since he was about He is a sweet guy and deserves all the success! Rang up Andy Rooney when I was working at Borders, He had the scariest fucking eyebrows you can imagine.

    Cranky old bastard in person, too. Rocky Kanaka did a makeover of the kennel I worked at for Save our Shelters.

    Cool program, and great for our rescue, but lets just say reality TV has very little reality. Also, many, many, many years ago, my Aunt met Due to Hoffman. He gave her his socks. I wonder if she still has them.

    I rode in an elevator with Richard Simmons. I had just bought new bedding, so I filled up nearly the whole elevator with pillows and a comforter etc, etc.. Luckily he is a small man who wore his staple short shorts and tank top. He offered to help me to my car.

    He was a very sweet, lovely man. None of these people would have the slightest recollection of me, but nonetheless, the stories are true. I impressed Steven Tyler by reading the Aerosmith autobiography in less than a day. This was discussed during a phone call with him — back in my college days. He called back, but dialed my home number instead of the dorm, and spoke to my mom.

    What a world of worry. I attended a Victor Borge concert when I was in high school. I met him after the show to get his autograph and I told him that I had all of his records.

    When I was next to get his autograph, I jokingly asked if I could kiss his ring. He looked at me with a straight, non-humorous face and said no. I was walking through the Tuileries in Paris, and a little boy ran in front of me, tripped over his own feet, and fell down.

    It took me a minute to figure out why the man looked so familiar. It was Ethan Hawke. Incidentally I also saw Mr. Hawke later that week while I was getting gelato, and the week after in a coffee shop. In restaurants, saw Heather Locklear at an Italian one and then watched Clint Eastwood steal a french fry off a plate of a friend at his restaurant in Carmel. Passed by a pissed-off looking Doc Severinsen at Burbank Airport.

    Talked to Phil Lesh at a bookstore in Denver. I was introduced to Bob Barker on his set. He seemed okay but I remember lots of makeup and a limp handshake. Katie Couric stopped me once when we were doing fire drills at the college where I work because she saw the commotion. I was in the mall years ago and heard a distinctive voice next to me.

    It was Tone Loc picking out a shirt to wear on stage that night here in Humboldt County. Hope he sang Funky Cold Medina in that shirt. He declined the offer, but was very gracious. I met Meatloaf twice at a local radio station in NJ. And the second time he shared his pizza with me. I live in Portland, Oregon and our beloved downtown toy store used to have a huge table in the back with one of each of their windup toys dozens for you to test drive.

    My dad and I were back there playing one day at lunch as we were wont to do , looked over and standing next to us playing with the windup toys was Ursula K. We nudged each other but decided not to bother her. It made me happy then and now.

    I get to hang out with my favorite author for a few minutes whenever she posts to her blog. He was very quiet. Mine is sports related. I was talking to a group of guys and suddenly felt someone lean against my back…like I was a wall and was holding them up. I put my drink down on the table beside me and George picked it up and used it as a spit cup. I was crushed that a guy I watched on tv with my dad was so unimpressive in real life. I met Robbie Williams in a bar after he headlined a small town music festival… he was just as much of a pompous ass as you might expect.

    Most of the Spirit of the West band members signed the cast on my broken arm after their concert. And I sold garden plants and potting soil to Maury Chaykin one summer. She was a complete B. One time my boyfriend and I were having a fight and I ended up making out in front of him with this random guy at the bar.

    The guy was an incredible kisser, amazing at karaoke, and told me he worked in comedy. He seemed like he was wearing a disguise with a wig and makeup. A few days later, my boyfriend and I patched things up and started to piece together the details of that night and the mysterious stranger. And now my boyfriend is totally cool with me making out with him that night. That was my one celebrity pass! I baked scones for Ozzy Osbourne! Some doink, who shall remain nameless, thought a Norwegian flag was a confederate flag and reported it to a new agency.

    This was in Ballard a suburb of Seattle and where a huge number of Scandinavians live. This was right before his prison stints for drugs; he was really nice and possibly high. Harry Chapin kissed me on the lips. I was a college student being an assistant to the roadies, so I could see the concert for free. When I turned back around, he handed me my pen and kissed me on the lips!!

    I was waiting in a really long line to get her autograph, playing a game on my phone, and I saw someone walking down the exit line. Later that evening, some friends of ours ran into her in downtown Denver while getting ice cream and she was just as sweet. Growing up in southern California, I have had many celebrity encounters.

    Most of them were either at work or in a bar. However, one of my favorite stories is about Tony Shaloub. A large group of my friends were regulars at the local dive-y pub and we were all congregated around the bar on a busy Saturday night when in strolls Monk. My husband and I were walking down Broadway in NYC after a performance of Phantom of the Opera when he bumped shoulders with a man walking in the opposite direction. They stopped at every bar and gave out free shots and free pictures.

    I had no idea this was happening, but luckily I was dressed up for a night on the town black and red polka dotted s dress, and long black hair with Bettie bangs. I was feeling very confident…and very tipsy. When he walked in, I heard people murmuring. He was so tall, I could see him over the crowd. I never see over ANYthing.

    I fearlessly walked up to him, shook his hand and said how much I adored him. Then he wrapped his arms around me and gave me a big hug. My phone had died moments before the picture had been taken, so a random person took the photo and I asked them to text it to me. I was so sad. The one thing I remember about Mr. Living i NYC makes this a bit easier but here are a few for you….

    He was very nice, funny and took the time to talk to us about our styles, hobbies, etc. He spent extra time with everyone. Picked out a very edgy outfit for me that still complied with the company dress code.

    I was a stripper a million years and 30 pounds ago. Last year on a trip to LA to visit friends, we all annoyed Jesse Tyler Ferguson by accident in a coffee shop in Hollywood.

    The four of us walked in right before him, trying to decide what we wanted and he seemed a bit in a hurry so they just let him go first. He was out of there in a flash. I finally saw him in a local dive bar, the last bar of my 21st birthday pub crawl. My husband and I were gambling in Vegas. While we were sitting at a blackjack table, Cuba Gooding Jr sat down to play. Later that night we went to see Rita Rudner and a couple of seats down from us was Ann Margret.

    My husband won pretty big at the casino that night. All in all a great trip! I was working out at my gym and Joe Thiesman came in and started working out next to me.

    Also, I went to college with Ralph Sampson. He walked by me while I was sitting outside on a sunny day. I said hi and he said hi back. He was famous then in the Washington, DC, area. I nearly met Al Gore we both deplaned gates side-by-side in Atlanta many years ago …and as a kid, I met the baseball pitcher Nolan Ryan before all his no-hitters.

    I knocked Danny Bonaduce off his unicycle with a pool noodle. He hit the ground flat on his face. It was not the most interesting thing that happened that day. All day I kept saying we were going to see Placido. I told her that when he finds out we are there, he will show up. Cue more eye rolling. We were just finishing up our delicious dinner, when who walks in?

    I was calm, but my friend freaked out so badly that he actually came over to our table. I think it was less obtrusive than calling security. He was suave and charming and just all around dreamy.

    I worked as an usher at an outdoor music venue in the mids. She did not know who he was. It was Danny Bonaduce. I was embarrassed but also mad.

    Long story short… Danny Bonaduce is an ass who threatened to have me fired for doing my job. I was sitting out of bounds near the green and the ball he hit landed on my knee and bounced back into play. At the start of the next hole he signed the ball and gave it too me- seemed like a nice guy. I very painfully limped back to the car after the tournament. I have a couple of Wil Wheaton ones. I, my sister and a bunch of online friends who all knew each other through his online forum it was a thing, long gone now who lived in the general area of OK were all going to be attending so we decided to have a meet.

    On Saturday, we planned to get together, and so that we could make it as celeb-friendly as possible, we rented a side room at a local bar and invited him to come hang for a while, no pressure. We all had a blast anyway, and my sister had a custom-made T-shirt and we all signed it. Several of us go to his autograph line. We were nothing if not loyal.

    I waited off to the side while my sister went, wearing the t-shirt she had us all sign. When she got up to the front, she stripped off the shirt luckily, she was wearing a tank top underneath.

    The second time I met Wil Wheaton, it was a few years later, and he was at a Con closer to where I live. I attended with my husband and baby son. Went through the line, identified myself as a Monkey with a baby Monkey.

    He kindly took a picture with us, even held my son. I did NOT remind him of the previous incident. Many years ago, I was out dancing at a Seattle club called the Fenix Aboveground to my favorite blues band, the Duffy Bishop band, and I ended up dancing with the actor from the show Northern Exposure who played the character Chris…the radio host and all around philosopher on the show.

    I was a little girl waiting in the airport with my mother. A man walks past waving and surrounded by all these women. I ask my mom who he was. In retrospect it was probably the first I was legit puzzled and grossed out simultaneously. Apparently, from the shin down, he looks exactly like my mother.

    David Letterman once almost knocked me over in a CVS and then glared at me like it was my fault. Also, I saw Gene Wilder at a record store in my hometown. He was super-nice to everyone and had an adorable dog with him.

    Turns out he came to a burn unit in my home town of Augusta, GA. At the time, I worked at Target. I was just doing my thing, when I see a girl who looks an awful lot like Mandy Moore.

    I kept glancing at her though. I later read an article about how Mandy Moore visited Travis Barker in the hospital. It was very funny because literally NO ONE was talking to her, probably because no one actually believed she was in Augusta.

    Jenny I think you will like this one…. I wrote Kiefer Sutherland a parking ticket once. I met Alex Trebek, because I was on Jeopardy. That was fun being on Jeopardy — Alex is interesting, but not what I would call fun. Plus he said something kinda sexist. I am very disappointed that I opted not to kick him in the nuts — the story of him saying something incredibly, obnoxiously ignorant came out a couple days after the flight.

    About 30 years ago I was working at a hotel in Maryland and Tina Turner and her chauffeur stopped in to have lunch in our dining room. It was after 2: She graciously signed autographs and chatted with those of us that were working that day. Years later, I found out from an interview he gave that his great aunt grew up in the same town in Poland as my great grandmother, and I got in touch via a mutual friend so that I could put our parents in touch about that.

    I behaved like a proud momma. So there I sat, probably looking like as pale as almond milk sorbet when a set of eyebrows attached to a man sat down next to me. It was Andy Rooney of 60 Minutes fame. He asked me if I was okay because I seemed upset, and after telling him the whole rash story in one breathless sentence, he patted my hand and proceed to tell me crazy stories about the famous people he had met during his career for the next 45 minutes until my flight was boarding.

    He was 66 at the time. It ended up being prickly heat which lead to my life long distrust of pediatric dermatologists and Albany NY. I was at a restaurant and saw a guy who looked like Greg Louganis so I said, you look like Greg Louganis.

    And I said, oh. I grew up in Sun Valley, Idaho and saw many celebrities, but the most memorable was when Clint Eastwood came to our house. My dad had invented some tiny pocket reading glasses, and Clint wanted to buy a couple dozen of them for party favors. He shook my hand, sat on our couch, and threw the ball for our dog. Soft spoken, down to earth. Ben recently posted Them's the berries. Also before John Cena got big I shook his hand.

    Hope this disgusting fan girl story helps! My parents and I were walking in Central Park, and we walked right past Angelina Jolie taking a carriage ride with her kids. I felt sorry for them, because even then, they were being hounded by photographers. I have a friend who chatted with LaVar Burton in an elevator. When I was 12 we went to Benihana in Studio City for my moms birthday. We sat at the teppan table with a bunch of other people but there was one empty seat left next to me.

    The hostess sat an elderly gentleman next to me who said hello in this amazing brogue. It was freaking Jimmy Doohan. We need more power Mr Scott. He was the sweetest man ever. He told stories through dinner and convinced this banana hater to try his dessert, right from his fork.

    Good memories of a gentle soul. Cassie recently posted oh hi!

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