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parents teacher Mob of 100 gather outside school to protest against gay



  • parents teacher Mob of 100 gather outside school to protest against gay
  • Significant acts of violence against LGBT people
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  • 21 hours ago Mob of parents gather outside school to protest against gay teacher. A gay primary school teacher who leads diversity lessons for children said he has received threats from those who are calling for him to resign. Andrew Moffat MBE has been under fire from parents who are. 21 hours ago A gay primary school teacher who leads diversity lessons for Mob of parents gather outside school to protest against gay teacher. Mob of parents gather outside school to protest against gay teacher Mums Protest Outside Birmingham School For 'Promoting Homosexuality' To Kids.

    parents teacher Mob of 100 gather outside school to protest against gay

    This reporting looks at Trump supporters in a Democratic stronghold. In May, we profiled three progressive women in the conservative town of Buckhannon, West Virginia.

    The free speech rally ended that day in Portland with Antifa hurling bricks, rocks, marbles, tampons, urine and feces. It ended with graffiti messages left behind for the ralliers, including: To the Trump supporters, it was clear that the left did not really want dialogue but just wanted to showcase its anger. To the counter-protesters, the fear in the community had reached a level that compelled them to send a clear message: She considered herself on the far left end of the political spectrum.

    No, thought Brown, we live in a constitutional republic. The tipping point came after a gunman killed 49 people and wounded dozens more at a gay nightclub in Orlando last year. Brown disagreed, commenting that the people at the nightclub were the real victims, not her, and that the shooter had not said he was targeting gay people.

    Her friend, someone with whom she had worked and gone to protests, immediately blocked her on Facebook, Brown said. She was startled, but not shocked, because the falling out came after a string of arguments with friends over various LGBTQ topics, patriarchy, and the wage gap. Each time, she noticed that when she disagreed, the response was emotional and angry, especially if she brought up evidence to the contrary.

    After this friend blocked her, Brown thought: Should I start looking for something else? A month later, in mid, Brown decided to see if there were any Republicans in Portland with whom she could connect. She went to a Multnomah County Republican street fair, where she met a group of women who were immediately receptive.

    The county includes the city of Portland and some surrounding suburbs. When Brown came out as transgender in , only two friends stopped speaking to her. When she came out as Republican, soon after her trip to the street fair, she remembered being blocked by roughly people on Facebook, mostly from the LGBTQ community, she said.

    Brown grew up without parents, and spent most of her life homeless, but then worked hard to create communities for herself as an adult. After wandering from Louisiana to California, Malaysia, and other places, she eventually found her way to Portland, where she made friends at LGBTQ meetups and got herself certified as a specialist in mental health. In Portland, she had a job and had friends. But when she became a Republican, many of those people vanished from her life overnight.

    Brown also worried she would be fired for her new party affiliation. When Brown came out as transgender, only two friends stopped speaking to her.

    She disagreed with liberals who claimed that he was racist and sexist. On a website she started called 4th Wavers — meaning fourth-wave feminism, which Brown defined as mutual respect between men and women, instead of man-hating — she wrote long posts debunking liberal claims about Trump. Democrats, she likes to say, have become the party of feelings, while Republicans must be the party of facts.

    Brown has now taught the course a few times, and has received requests from GOP party members to teach it more. At the free speech rally, she also drew on her own teachings when two men from a local union came up and asked her if she was a Republican. What followed felt like a productive conversation — they calmly debated health care and the history of the two parties — but one all too rare in Portland.

    Brown hopes to use her training in mental health to teach fellow Republicans how to get their message across to liberals. Little things, like people stealing Trump signs from their yards. People screaming at them that they are white supremacists.

    Or bigger things, like a story from one woman who believed an auto mechanic dangerously loosened bolts in her car after she entered the shop holding tickets to a Republican fair. For Brown, though, attacks from the left have often felt very real — and very personal. Many have targeted her gender, which she finds ironic, considering how tolerant the left claims to be.

    She shared some of the hateful messages she has received on Facebook: After Trump was elected in November, protests erupted around the country. But in Portland those demonstrations escalated into a riot , as protesters smashed store windows and set fires, leading to 26 arrests and more than a million dollars in property damage. Portland is a city often viewed as a kind of progressive paradise, where the streets are lined with kombucha taprooms and juice bars, signs in cafe windows say all religions, races, and genders are welcome, and a rainbow flag hangs out front of City Hall.

    It is also a city that prides itself on political participation, and a place well-accustomed to protest. But there are also regular peaceful protests: Conversations around race can be especially charged in Portland, which has a fraught racial history. Today, Portland continues to have among the whitest populations of any city in the country.

    On the ground floor of City Hall, a large exhibit asks the question: An exhibit inside Portland City Hall on June 14, And so it was, perhaps, that in the run up to Election Day, Helen Church found herself branded a racist. Her year-old son came home from school telling her that his history teacher had said that Trump was racist, and that any parent who would vote for him was racist, too. Church, whose grandmother was Portuguese and grandfather Native American, had always thought of herself as having a diverse background.

    What have I ever said or done for a teacher to generalize me? After Church called and complained to the vice principal of the middle school, in the Salem-Keizer Public School district in the greater Portland metro area, she said, her son was moved to another history class.

    A request for comment from the school was not returned. But as she watched people on the left continuously denigrate Trump supporters, she also became more active online. She joined dozens of pro-Trump Facebook groups, and as she spoke up, she said, she began getting messages from women who told her they admired her courage.

    As Church became more active, she was targeted online by people with opposing views; some even threatened to come to her house and hurt her. The comments unnerved her, but she mostly tried to ignore them. She knew that bullying happened on both the right and left. That worked until one day last spring, when she posted a comment on a story online about how the Affordable Care Act had hurt people she knew. After she posted it, she recalled, she got a private message from someone calling her a racist and saying it was clear she wanted children to die.

    As Church walked her dog near her home in Salem, a man confronted her for wearing a Trump hat. Being attacked from both sides was too much. After that, Church saw a therapist to discuss the incident, which she saw as an example of adult bullying. She also never commented on a news story online again.

    But she kept sending letters to representatives, kept posting on Facebook and still went to the June rally alone, where she was surprised to find no one attacked her. Instead, she came home proud that she had been brave enough to go. Wael Elasady from Portland Stands United Against Hate, the coalition of local progressive groups that counter-protested the rally, said he felt that the best approach to the ralliers was not violence but large numbers.

    If that was the message from the left, at times it was getting through. The week after the rally, as Church walked her dog near her home in Salem, she said, a man confronted her for wearing a Trump hat.

    In that moment, Church felt that nothing would change or get better. And our feelings get hurt. Several hours north of Salem, in Olympia, Washington, Kathryn Townsend had her first intense experience with liberal intolerance, at a March pro-Trump rally.

    She went because she had voted for Trump as a businessman, and wanted to see what the fuss at all the rallies was about. Did you ask her or them what they were thinking? It is NOT acceptable to block traffic. It is NOT acceptable to block the entrance to a school from the inside.. Education should come first, not some protest. This activity should NOT have been condoned by Unit 4 under any circumstances.

    Not a very wise choice letting this happen during middle of school hours! Did you really think this was teaching kids something worthwhile?!? I don't recall seeing you there. Oh but your son said the car "recklessly accelerated". Hmmm, maybe you need to watch his video again.

    Point being there actions are no better Smashing a window to make a car stop Did anything get proven? I don't think so. Where is the respect for another person? The respect for someone else's property? How about consequences for your actions. No one made them hit the car Try teaching them a couple of those life lessons. I'm looking at these pictures on the NG website, and I don't see any out of control students engaging in mob action. It looks to me like a large group of students laying in the hall and standing outside and chanting.

    This definitely does not constitute mob action. These students were simply exercising their right to assemble and protest. Are they supposed to refrain from exercising their rights because some other students were uncomfortable? Making people uncomfortable is the entire point of protest! Making people uncomfortable is what brings attention to the situation. I also find it amusing that people are so quick to assume that these kids have no idea about these cases and were just jumping on the bandwagon and skipping class.

    Again, the pictures seem to show many students with hands up, holding signs, chanting. This doesn't seem like a bunch of students just wanting to get out of class. Teenagers are intelligent, do care about current events, and do have their own thoughts and opinions My children and many of their friends have paid close attention to these cases. There is no reason for adults to belittle them and diminish their opinoins.

    They should be commended for taking a position on an issue and being involved in political action. Holding this event during school hours allowed many students to participate who might not have been otherwise able. Students have to worry about transportation and other afterschool obligations. How would students have been able to be involved if they had to ride a bus home? This event taught the students much more than they could have learned just discussing the issue in class.

    If anything, the school should encourage more of these events. There is nothing wrong with getting students out of class and having real world experiences. No you are wrong. A school is suppose to be a safe zone. Students should feel comfortable and in a good learning environment. There are students that can't walk to class without getting shoved and verbally assaulted at Centennial. You think an event like this makes these kids feel in a safe learning envrionment. These days, schools aren't what I would call a "safe zone.

    Also, police are supposed to create a safe zone for people, but when they kill people, it does the exact opposite of that. If the students knew about the case, then they would know that Michael Brown's hands weren't up, so why continue to advance that narrative?

    Multiple witnesses testified to this fact and the forensics indicate the officer's story was true, but let's not let facts get in the way! How about the fact that she accelerated into the group of students? Or the FACT that 2 of them were injured? We have video and photo evidence of this. Yes the students should not have been blocking the street, but the lady was an idiot.

    If you see a group of people in the street, you don't go through them. But I guess only people with common sense would know that.

    It goes like this: If you see cars in the street, don't go walking there, not the other way around. And this is exactly why I removed my children from Unit 4 school district. I don't even know how to respond to this article. The teachers should be suspended and the principal should be fired. This wouldn't happen in Normal. IMO, this entire incident - totally senseless!

    I also feel sorry for the driver! I'm guessing your white? Its 'senseless' to you because you don't understand why or what they were they were standing up for. Its easy for you to relate to the drivier The protest was beautiful! The children were awesome!

    I am beyond proud of them!! The truth is, when black kids are doing negative things, you'll complain in the comments, when they're doing positive things, you'll complain in the comments! I commend your consistence!!!!!! It happened, it's over I'm sure you'll find something to complain about in tomorrow's news! I am "cece Wilson" only my name is Cessily Thomas. So your going to ;pay for the smashed windshield?

    Who pays for that? The student who broke it? Your lack of foresight in this matter is astounding. Your lack of responsibility in this is breathtaking. I certainly hope you do not expect the victim to pay for the damages caused by your students. Why is the responsibility for the broken windshield automatically fall on the students? Why are they automatically at fault? Does the adult driver who hit several students with her car bear any responsibility?

    Why isn't she to be held accountable for her actions and her decision to strike people with her car? I have already watched multiple videos of the incident which very clearly show the woman accelerating through a group of students resulting in screams and cries as the car strikes them, and THEN students hitting her windows in an attempt to get her to stop. These videos are floating around on social media.

    I'm sure with a little bit of effort, the NG could easily post one along with the story. No, the students should not have been in the street. But that does not make it ok for someone to hit them with their car. I can't help but notice the similiarity between this mentality and the exact issues the students were protesting.

    How is it positive to disrupt the school day for everyone else? Encouraging students to protest the Michael Brown case is condoning Brown's lack of respect for authority and completely dismisses Brown's own actions in what happened.

    The Michael Brown case is hardly the case to use to try and make an argument about police relations with black people. And making signs saying "black lives matter"? Who said that they didn't? Blacks on black violence is much more prevalent than white on black violence let alone police violence. Perhaps the energy used in this demonstration could have been used to explore why this is the case.

    Mam, what are you thinking? High school should absolutely be a place where sensitive topics like the Brown case should be discussed academically.

    It should never be a place where students disrupt the workings of the school, causing fear and alarm to other students who are trying to go about their day in a productive manner. The fact that the protest you organized got out of hand to the point where hundreds of students left class, took to the streets and caused the police to be called and a student arrested is shameful. And please stop trying to blame the driver for all this. The last thing you expect while driving is to be surrounded by angry people walking in the roadway that's where the cars are supposed to drive, remember?

    How convenient that the news crews happened to be there far ahead of time while police were not. Perhaps you were hoping for some nation-wide publicity if the police "misbehaved"? I hope you and the other "organizers" are appropriately disciplined for this.

    Perhaps it will show the students that there are consequences for their actions. If you want to have a protest so be it but don't "disrupt" classes for kids that don't want to participate in something they don't know enough about.

    You have me sign a piece of paper asking to be notified about pesticide being sprayed around the school but you can't notify the parents of this happening today. Last time I checked we are the parents not the teachers I can assure you if most parents knew this was happening today the parents would have been with their student during this "die-in" so we all could witness it or we would've let our student stay home for the day.

    I am very disturbed that my son's teacher wanted to attend the "die in" leaving him and one other student no choice but to skip class. Yes the intent was only for passing period but clearly that did not happen! Congrats Unit 4 you made the media!

    Stunned that this was allowed, condoned, and made the administration feel "proud". Is it going to be acceptable for any student to start a demonstration in the middle of the school day for something else? What if students wanted to protest against gay marriage or something else that isn't politically correct now days? Would that be acceptable? This district's liberal leadership needs to focus on educating rather than getting into the business of endorsing political statements.

    It sure looks like the driver was behaving with impunity. Really going to judge anything about driver from that. How do you know what was happening to that driver.

    If I was surrounded I probably would have freaked out. They get out of class to protest things that happened elsewhere. But they didn't go protest the several shootings in Champaign the last few months. How many people were killed in Champaign in the past two months? People need to realize that this whole thing about going outside was not intended. That's stated in the article. It was the students idea to go outside. It was only suppose to last 15 minutes then the students would go back to class.

    It was suppose to be non violent. That didn't go as planned and the staff couldn't do anything. Yes, the driver did hit kids and was accelerating. Where is her punishment?

    Centennial shouldn't be getting shunned not should their staff. They did what the kids wanted by having a non violent protest and allowing to take time out the day for students to do this. After those 15 minutes were up, students were expected to go back to class but most went outside to continue. The staff didn't know this was going to happen so it's not their fault. Johnson is a great man and I am happy he allowed the peaceful part of the protest to be allowed considering students wanted it most.

    Get the full story before you bash an education institution. Maybe tomorrow some students can walk out with Jewish Lives Matter chants and signs. Looks like enrollments will be going up at St. Thomas More, Judah, St. As for the car, it is a street, where cars are known to be present.

    If one of these students would have been injured, the parents would have been blaming school administrators for letting this happen. The fact that so many people can comment negatively on what Centennial was trying to do and most of what people were saying has nothing to do with the real true message or is false information, shows their true mindset.

    The fact that people are commenting on how about students skipped class is irrelevant. The fact that someone said their was some type of mob action is completely false. Teens are already thought of as bad and disrespectful, so when we try to do something productive and harmless, we get frowned upon even more.

    Can someone explain this to me? Individually for me I saw the passion that some students had during the whole protest and it was very powerful.

    I was apart of those about two hundred kids laying down and being silent. But the school DID come together as a whole during that time even for those who didn't participate in it. I agree that it did get out of hand afterwards. Honestly though it was both sides that were at fault. What else are these teachers doing in their classrooms? Are the students learning anything? I can remember teachers teaching us how to protest back in the day. It's interesting that if they protest they are wrong, if they riot same thing.

    It just has that feeling of "they are being uppity" and "they don't know their place". I read the comments and many could have been written decades ago, just change a few words here and there.

    The sentiment is still the same. This is the next generation, with the right to vote, to protest, to change things that need changing. If we don't show them the way we are in trouble. I for one am proud of them. Are you saying parents don't have that resonsibility anymore? The issues are hand need to be addressed; the only way they get addressed is if people stand up and push it into the media and onto a politicians agenda. All the pearl-clutching and faux-rage in this thread is disheartening.

    Terrified at high school kids gathering to express their thoughts? I am sad that so many parents are raising their children to see the world through a lens of fear. If what I read in the comment section is true, a large group of students went off plan and were in the street. It's too hard to tell the whole story of that car scene from that short video. I'm sure some will speculate it was some racist while others will speculate that they were fearful of the mob surrounding their car.

    I'm having trouble seeing this as the beautiful, peaceful protest in the street while the school and teachers said there was no way for them to control them. I'd really like to see the first part of that video before blaming the students or the driver. Organize a minute protest? What could possibly go wrong? Doesn't Unit 4 have enough on its plate?

    I'm sure Mohomet, St. Joe, Tolono, Fisher are looking better and better to some. When you push that "white flight" you really should include the disclaimer that you're a realtor. I'm pushing no such thing. In fact, I have a huge incentive to discourage what you referred to. It is in the community's best interest for Unit 4 to look more attractive and not less attractive. Stirring up tensions on a controversial topic is counter productive.

    If a student or motorist had been injured, the school could have been facing a huge lawsuit. Teachers should not be be facilitating protests during class time or on taxpayer time and I'm sure the lawyers and administrators will ensure that going forward, the welfare and safety of the students is a larger priority than political activism. And don't you think that political activism many times helps improve the welfare and safety of those in a society?

    Or do you think that everyone is best just shutting up and taking it? I'm not going to play lawyer, but teachers being involved in organizing a political protest that leads to more serious unintended consequences than a damanged car would probably raise some serious liability questions.

    I have no problems with poltiical activism, but I don't think teachers should be involved in organizing political activities at school that have a high probabiity of leading to disruptive behavior. Please help me understand the driver's behavior. You are driving down a street, you see a bunch of people in the street.

    Why wouldn't you stop, back up and go another route. Why would you drive into the crowd of people? I don't understand it. I think we need to ask the driver.

    I think I need more help understanding why a teacher-facilitated protest resulted in a protest where students ended up in the street against cars and trucks that weigh thousands of pounds. I'm sure there's a physics teacher at the school who could explain why this is a really bad idea.

    If you look at the other videos you will see the car was alone when it approached the kids in the street. There is clearly a police car there too yet the car just drives into a crowd of kids. So easy to have just gone a street over. I wasn't part of organizing the protests but I am pleased that kids actually demonstrated that they cared about an issue. Whether I agree with them or not, I am excited that kids felt so strongly about something far beyond shoes or music or what somebody said on Twitter.

    I think a lot of you are missing or simply don't care about that point. I wasn't out there at the exact moment the windshield was broken, but I was there afterwards and I heard kids telling me she was revving her engine while going through the crowd. I don't think she was panicked nor do I think she was experiencing PTSD as someone suggested when she was screaming at the kids or when she flipped them all off at one point.

    A lot of you are quick to excuse the grown woman in the car the ADULT and justify her behavior repeatedly but oh so quick to condemn teenagers KIDS for actually caring about an issue and acting on it. Their behavior may not have been perfect at every step in the game but their intentions were good and overall so was their behavior. Please don't be so quick to condemn students for the unfortunate actions of a few students who also were reacting emotionally just as the grown driver was.

    You know, the one whose actions many of you are so quick to defend. We have a serious problem in this country that seems to be worsening. Ferguson aside, have you seen the video regarding Eric Garner? And there's not even an indictment?? Not a convicition, but at least an indictment??? The comment that there is a lot of black-on-black crime so where's that outrage. Well, no argument that that's an issue but you know what the differences are. Black-on-black crime doesn't involve people with badges paid for by tax dollars essentially choking someone to death for selling illegal cigarettes; and, people who are caught for black-on-black crime are not only indicted but prosecuted and usually convicted.

    The ignorance of that comparison is disturbing to say the least. I too am proud that the kids tried to really make a statement and saddened that 30 seconds changed the entire tone and spin on what they were trying to say and do. But I am disappointed and somewhat horrified but not necessarily surprised how quickly most of these comments condemn kids for trying to make a stand, not unlike is happening all over the country.

    I think a lot of people moved to NO votes on anything to do with the school building projects after seeing this ridiculous mob action sanctioned by a foolish school principal. Now I know why St. Thomas and Judah continue to grow. Not to mention the young boy killed here in champaign less than 7 years ago. Out entire town should still be outraged. Thomas more took us out of class last year to raise Pro life awareness, why didn't you comment on that subject arguing that Judah should argue Pro choice to show diversity.

    Please strengthen your arguement because currently with your lack of knowledge of the situation it's completely invalid. The difference is that St. That isn't the same thing as a public school. Never mind the fact that their demonstration didn't end in a smashed windshield. I don't think you heard her, the school made them demonstrate for prolife- it didn't teach them about demonstrating and give them a choice.

    Public or private should not matter. It required them to participate in a political event even if it was against their beliefs. Centenniel did not do that. It's not about the fact that students demonstrated. The entire school day shouldn't be disrupted so that the teachers can rally students together to express their own political views. School should be a forum to talk about issues and learn about them. Disrupting the school day by laying in the halls hardly qualifies.

    Why is that not an issue? Why is it that when we get together to fight a real issue that has hit us personally as the city of champaign it shouldn't happen during school hours? Considering you only think of it as "Laying in the halls" you obviously fail to realize the true meaning behind what we were doing.

    Therefore your arguement is invalid. Pep rallies are not politicized events, nor are they spontaneous. They include the entire student body - not a group of who potentially disrupted the ability of others to safely walk the halls.

    It's great if you and your fellow students want to champion this cause. Do it after school. Schools should be a marketplace of ideas.

    Would students who feel differently that you do feel safe walking in the hallways as students are playing dead? Why wouldn't students who feel differently not feel safe walking down the hall? What is posing a threat to them? If they don't agree with the position, simply walk around the protesters.

    Pep rallies are political events. Promoting the position of your school relative to other schools most definitly is political. Trivial, but political none the less. Pep rallies are events in which students are forced to be present to show their "school pride" and "support their school. So much for that "marketplace of ideas. Maybe you missed the part where I said "discuss the ideas at school and protest outside of school.

    Other students should not have to be subjected to the disruptions caused by this demonstration - or any other for that matter. Our schools are public insitutuions of learning. They exist to teach our children regardless of their race, beliefs or anything else. The teachers who organize assembly for the benefit of only one belief should be fired immediately.

    If these teachers want to organize an assembly supporting one belief over another they should do so away from public property on their own time.

    No one, either students nor teachers, had the full facts, any evidence or knowledge of the rule of law in the state where the incident to which they objected occurred. At no time should teachers condone or approve students acting contrary to law. Blocking traffic and possibly causing drivers to panic is contrary to the public good and possibly the law. In any case, it is dangerous for the students in the street.

    My children are not sent to this school to have political views and misconceptions pushed upon them by the district. My children are there to be educated.

    It is mine and my wife's job to teach show them the many choices they have in life and to let them decide, not the school. I have a son who is somewhat introverted. He was scared to death from being around what was happening. No student, either black or white, should ever be make to feel uncomfortable at school. Finally, as many police officers have been told numerous times "my taxes pay your salary". This is the same for teachers.

    My tax money is not there for you to push your political agenda or to decide what my childeren should be believing. You have crossed the line, my children will not be going to Unit 4 schools any longer.

    We will either go private or make every effort to move to better district. Multiple classes were in session during our protesting. In no way were any students pushed to believe one way about the situation, By protesting, we as students showed our personal views but by staying in class you showed you were against it.

    Significant acts of violence against LGBT people

    Mob of parents gather outside school to protest against gay teacher. Metro - AM GMT February 11, Andrew Moffat MBE says he feels 'very. Mob of gather outside school to protest against Teacher who teaches equality ️‍. A gay primary school teacher who leads diversity lessons for children said he has Mob of parents gather outside school to protest against gay teacher.

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